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ZAMÃN, Sculpting Time

Watch Stands

The Cultural Component |
The craftsmanship emphasizes cultural heritages; leather and metal in Lebanon and stone in Egypt, where was the first known creation of horology. The techniques aspires a creation associated with chaos and form, randomness and precision, spirit and matter, natural and man-made, emphasizing nature and its mutation due to human intervention.

The Historical Component |
Carving into the mineral to create a negative space for storing the watch: similarly to archeology, making the piece a part of human history through stratification and excavation, a timeless “artifact”.

The Narrative Component |
“To watch” defines the act of observing and gazing within a time period. Since watches became a collectable work of art, our aim is to give the object value by making it a contemplative artwork itself. The notion of a ‘box’ is reinterpreted to re-question it’s function.

Dimensions | 20 x 20 cm

Materials | Indian Green, Red Travertine, Galala, Nero Marquina, Brass, Suede

Exhibitor | Joy Mardini Design Gallery

Location | 406 Gouraud Street, Gemmayzeh, Lebanon

Stone Craftsmen | Marmonil

Brass Craftsmen | wxhxd

Textile Craftsmen | Tessa Sakhi, Tara Sakhi

Photos | T SAKHI, Tarek Haddad

T SAKHI_Outline White.png
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