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Luminous Design


In the midst of the jungle of Quintana Roo in Mexico, we collaborated with Roth Architects for Azulik to design the luminous environment, layout and products for the museum, hotel, restaurant and bar. The designs are inspired by the surrounding nature and embraced recycled raw materials found locally such as macrame, bejucco, ceramic, precious stones, resin, and recuperated glass, guiding furthermore the designs during the process. Executed by local craftsmen and young talented artists, the project evokes mysticism and wonder, a harmonious sensation while strolling in the jungle.

Materials | Recycled Bejucco, Macrame, Ceramic, Glass, Precious Stones, Resin

Date of Completion | October 2019

Production | Azulik

Photos | T SAKHI

T SAKHI_Outline White.png
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