Short-film in collaboration with Dei Al Ayoubi

"WAL(L)TZ" takes you on a psychological journey, hinting at the resilience of Humanity in the face of adversity and reflecting the voices rising against oppression in Lebanon - and globally - today.

"WAL(L)TZ" is a 15 linear meter wall urban installation portraying the socio-political barriers in society,

WATCH HERE entire film on vimeo.

Director & Cinematographer | Dei Al Ayoubi

Story | Tara and Tessa Sakhi, Dei Al Ayoubi

Performer | Jadd Tank

Composer & Sound Designer | Fadi Tabbal (Tunefork Studios)

Editor | Rémie Maksoud

Colorist | Belal Hibri, Lucid Post

Production Design | T SAKHI

Producer | T SAKHI

Location | Dubai Design District, UAE

Special thanks to | Rawan Kashkoush, Dubai Design Week

T SAKHI_Outline White.png