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Lebanon Pavilion


For the edition of Abwab as part of Dubai Design Week 2019, designers have been invited to recreate the local classrooms of their cultures through the theme “Ways of Learning”. T SAKHI responds to this year’s theme for the Lebanon pavilion, with an interactive wall portraying the socio-political barriers in our society through a psychological and physiological journey for its visitors.


"WAL(L)TZ" focuses on transforming a wall into an activator of connection, sociability, and awareness. The pavilion is a linear configuration dominated by an omnipresent 15-meter wall, bursting with life and energy through loopholes. It is designed to overcome barriers, and encourage audiences to connect and interact with one another through and in-spite of the wall. There are glaring paradoxes between the rigid nature of a wall and the animation of "WAL(L)TZ", crafted in recycled foam, hinting to the resilience of the Lebanese society in the face of adversity. The visitor, turned performer, finds himself taking part in a choreographed protest, a reinterpreted “waltz”, one that reflects the voices rising against oppression in Lebanon - and globally – today.

WATCH SHORT-FILM in collaboration with director Dei Al Ayoubi.

Materials | Recycled Foam

Dimensions | L 15 m, W 1.2 m 

Date of Completion | November 2019

Exhibitor | Abwab's Dubai Design Week 2019

Location | Dubai Design District (D3), UAE

Contractor | DDW

Photos | T SAKHI

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