Tableware Collection


“Tasting Threads”, is a tableware collection of unique mouth-blown pieces in Murano by local Venetian craftsmen. The collection is a series of plates and drinking glasses designed with different dimensions to create a dynamic and playful table setting for different modes of consumption and dining.; small glass for shot drinks, wide and small glass for beverages with ice, long narrow glass for water, flat plates and deep bowls for sharing, as the traditional Lebanese ‘Mezza’. Their rich texture is attained by infusing Murano glass with steel threads creating uncontrolled shapes. The glass, tainted with wide hues of color, ranges from alessandrite and amethyst to amber, ruby and cobalt.

Wine Glass | D 5 cm, H 16 cm

Water Tumbler | D 7 cm, H 5 cm 

Shot Glass | D 3.5 cm, H 8 cm 

Cocktail Tumbler | D 7 cm, H 12 cm 

Plate | D 25 cm, H 1 cm

Bowl | D 20 cm, H 5 cm

Materials | Murano, Metallic Threads

Date of Completion | April 2020

Murano Production | Laguna B

Photos Products | Romain Bassenne, Tessa Sakhi

Photos Process | Tommaso Cazzaro

T SAKHI_Outline White.png