Tableware Collection


"Tasting Threads" is a tableware collection highlighting the strong duality of two Mediterranean cultures; handcrafted pieces with the historical richness and expertise of blown Murano by local craftsmen in Venice and the traditional Lebanese iconic shapes of tableware reinterpreted into a modern lifestyle. Its rich texture is formed within the glass due to an amalgam with metal threads creating organic shapes.

Long Glass | D 5 cm, H 16 cm

Small Glass | D 7 cm, H 5 cm 

Shot Glass | D 3.5 cm, H 8 cm 

Large Flat Plate | D 25 cm, H 1 cm

Deep Bowl | D 20 cm, H 5 cm

Big Flask | L 28 cm, H 28 cm, W 8 cm

Small Flask | L 13 cm, H 13 cm, W 4 cm

Materials | Murano, Metallic Threads

Date of Completion | April 2020

Murano Production | Laguna B

Photos Products | Romain Bassenne, Tessa Sakhi

Photos Process | Tommaso Cazzaro