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Murano Glassware


Since 2017, Tessa and Tara were drawn to the rich history of glassblowing. Made on the island of Murano, the material’s epicentre of craft, the sisters drew connections and shared knowledge of glassmaking between both Mediterranean cultures, the Venetian lagoon where they live and their own Lebanese heritage - the most common legend around the first discovery of glass dates to the Phoenicians (1500-300 BC).

Experimenting with Venetian glassblowers diverse techniques to achieve new textures in glass - here recuperated metallic threads are recycled by infusion within the glass resulting in strength and solidity to this delicate material. The innovative and intricate texture allows light to filter through and creates mesmerizing reflexions, whimsical shadows, playful patterns and a kaleidoscope of hues ranging from alessandrite and amethyst to amber, ruby and cobalt.

“Tasting Threads”, is a collection of unique mouth-blown pieces of glassware, tableware, carafes, flasks, soliflores and tealights, skillfully and consciously crafted to create a dynamic and enchanting table setting for different functions and occasions, much like the traditional Lebanese ‘Mezza’ feast.

Long Champagne Glass | D 5 cm, H 16 cm

Grappa Shot Glass | D 4 cm, H 10 cm

Short Water Tumbler | D 7.5 cm, H 6 cm 

Wine Goblet Base | D 7.5 cm, H 11 cm

Conic Cocktail Glass | D 7 cm, H 12 cm 

Conic Cocktail Goblet Star Base | D 7 cm, H 12.5 cm

Liqueur Goblet Base | D 5 cm, H 6 cm  

Materials | Murano, Recycled Metallic Threads

Murano Production | Laguna B

Photos Products | Romain Bassenne, Lorenzo Basadonna Scarpa

Photos Process | Tommaso Cazzaro

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