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SKYBAR Nightclub & Bar Rooftop

Nostalgia and resilience, both engrained in the Lebanese social fabric, were the driving force behind the concept for the renowned SKYBAR nightclub: how to recreate the venue after it caught fire back in 2015, while preserving its identity. From split mirror cladding, fragmented screens, altered lighting installations, to infiltrated greenery, the aim was to convey a distorted perception of the space and its surrounding. As for recuperated raw steel scattered around, they are reminiscent of SKYBAR reemerging from its ashes with a fresh new identity.

Client | Sky Waterfront

Location | Biel Waterfront, Beirut Central District, Lebanon

Area | 1,500 sqm

Date of Completion | August 2017

Team | Tessa Sakhi, Tara Sakhi, Aman Slim

General Contractor | Acec

Sub-Contractor | Joe Habchy, Antoine Feghali

Mechanical Engineer | Sharingem

Mechanical Consultant | Dany El-Murr

Electrical Consultant | Ziad Helou

Structural Engineer | Ramy Bou Chedid

Sound Engineer | Roger Bou Farhat

Lighting Consultant | Hiljo Stadt

Main Consultant | Apave

Landscape Architect | Roots

Preliminary Layout | Sari El Khazen

Photos | Ieva Saudargaite

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