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Short-film in collaboration with Mounia Akl

An Architecture film that observes the re-construction of a space along a woman's memory.

WATCH HERE full film on Vimeo.

Director | Mounia Akl

Cast | Lena Bakalian 

Location | DECKS on the Beach, Beirut Lebanon designed by T SAKHI

Story | Mounia Akl , Tara Sakhi

Producer | Cyril Aris, Anthony Zouein, T SAKHI

Cinematographer | Joe Saade

Editor | Cyril Aris

Production Design | T SAKHI

Musician | Marc Codsi

First Assistant Camera | Jad Tannous

Second Assistant Camera | Mario Saade

Focus Puller | Jad Tannous

Drone Operator | Anthony Ghanimeh

Production Assistant | Mizyed Azrai

Grading | Belal Hibri, Lucid Post

Set Builder | Abdelsalam Shouha, Mohamed Vanouj, Mohamed Al amor and Chady El Jasem

Special thanks to | Olivier Gasnier-Duparc, Youssef Harati, Decks on the Beach, Walid Abou Nassar, Woody Nawfal, Second St.

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