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Short-film in collaboration with Mounia Akl

An Architecture film that observes the construction and deconstruction of a transportable disco bar, its structures and its human memory.

This 3rd short-film is part of a film series collaborating with directors and musicians, to intersect the realms of architecture, cinema and music. They emerge from the sisters' passionate curiosity, as they seek to delve into the essence of every design they conceive, be it a physical space or an object, by weaving them into imaginative narratives. Their aim is to captivate the audience with immersive storytelling that transcends mere static visuals.

WATCH HERE full film on Vimeo.

Director | Mounia Akl

Cast | Lena Bakalian 

Location | DECKS on the Beach, Beirut Lebanon designed by T SAKHI

Story | Mounia Akl , Tara Sakhi

Producer | Cyril Aris, Anthony Zouein, T SAKHI

Cinematographer | Joe Saade

Editor | Cyril Aris

Production Design | T SAKHI

Musician | Marc Codsi

First Assistant Camera | Jad Tannous

Second Assistant Camera | Mario Saade

Focus Puller | Jad Tannous

Drone Operator | Anthony Ghanimeh

Production Assistant | Mizyed Azrai

Grading | Belal Hibri, Lucid Post

Set Builder | Abdelsalam Shouha, Mohamed Vanouj, Mohamed Al amor and Chady El Jasem

Special thanks to | Olivier Gasnier-Duparc, Youssef Harati, Decks on the Beach, Walid Abou Nassar, Woody Nawfal, Second St.

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