Silent Light, Silent Chair, Silent Desk

"We wandered in the mirrored avenues of our curiosity,

until the moonlight bruised our shadows.
We surrendered to the tenderness of the rain,
and let it dip its drizzly fingers into our hair.

We danced to the quivering echoes of the breeze 

under leaping bridges and wrinkled windows.

Like fiery impressionists at work
we approximated the night's spectacle
into the dreams glimpsed in soft yellow light,

the bastille of time, 

gently distilled liquid measures of memory,

reminders of the future, remainders of the past."

                                  - Dheeraj Reddy, La Ville Lumiere

What is Light ? Is it an object ? Is it tangible ?

Can an object disappear ?

The Collection came from an eagerness to create objects that blends into the white walls of a space and disappears within it's architecture to give emphasis on the emitted shadows and praised texture.

It offers three objects, the floor lamp, with an emitted light of a sunset ambiance, the chair and the desk.

Materials | White powder-coated metal

Dimensions | 15 cm x 15 cm x 190 cm

Exhibitor | Aishti by the Sea

Location | Seaside, Metn, Lebanon

Production | Georges Rouhanna - Aurora

Photos Products | Tony Elieh @tonyelieh