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Sculptural Seatings

"Sand Pearls" draws inspiration from the traditional iconic object of prayer and meditation beads in various cultures. Scaled into a large sculpture, it embodies versatility, flexibility and playfulness due to its multi-functional use serving as both a seating and a table, and its movable and dynamic layout which can be endless. It encourages meditative moments of stillness as well as moments of group interaction and community exchange. 

The design was entirely and meticulously handcrafted by local artisans in Lebanon. An innovative texture of Lebanese sand grinded with the remnants of crushed resin waste is recycled and moulded into spheres. Traditional trimming curtain cords in silk are braided together and intertwine the symbolic 7 “pearls”.


This work merges art, craftsmanship, functionality and sustainability, and emphasizes the union between heritage and modernity.

Dimensions | D 50 cm, W 40 kg / per pearl

Quantity | One lot of 7 pearls

Materials | Lebanese Sand, Recycled Crushed Resin Waste, Silk Threads

Craftsmen Sand Pearls | Gilbert Debs

Craftsmen Silk Trimming Threads | Fathalla & Fils

Photos | Tarek Moukaddem

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