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Saifi 954 Apartment

Rehabilitation of a traditional Lebanese house into a harmonious culmination of heritage meets modernity.


The house is entirely renovated to incorporate traditional elements with rich layers of textures and colors; mostly recuperated ceramic tiles, wooden doors and windows with integrated colored glass, crown cornices, lighting cornices, and skirtings. The furniture was entirely custom-designed to subtly translate the function of each room.

The central axis is the heart of the project, it consists of the dining room, the chimney lounge and the living room overlooking a triptych window that extends with a balcony. Each peripheral door peeks into a colorful room; crimson for the bar, burgundy for the hallways, teal for the master bedroom, brick for the study room, emerald for the TV room and mustard for the restrooms. Following the inhabitant's desires, each room is carefully designed with a different ambiance, style and function to satisfy their lifestyle and needs.

The project was destroyed after Beirut's 4th of August blast and not completed.

Client | SM

Location | Saifi 954, Saifi Village, Beirut Central District, Lebanon

Area | 250 sqm

Date of Construction | April 2020

Team | Tessa Sakhi

General Contractor | K&M Contracting

Photos | T SAKHI

T SAKHI_Outline White.png
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