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Saifi 162 Building

Rehabilitation of a traditional Lebanese house into a harmonious culmination of heritage meets modernity.


The massive duality between the pre-existing traditional 1920's Lebanese house and the new modern extension built as a plug-in, reveals a connecting void within its walls. It acts as a central core and pivoting axis of movement and circulation, the house's users dwell around this void, constantly encountering and perceiving scenes of each other's life. Through the various interplays of openings between the public and private areas, interior and exterior spaces, it becomes a stage where different actions and daily activities thrive in harmony.

Client | RM

Location | Saifi 162, Saifi Village, Beirut Central District, Lebanon

Area | 750 sqm

Date of Construction | Aborted

Team | Tessa Sakhi, Tara Sakhi, Aman Slim

Developper  | Estates

General Contractor  | Estates

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