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Stone Accessories


“Riwayat” is a stone accessory collection inspired by traditional Lebanese heritage techniques and stories while infusing it with a contemporary feel. The collection is inspired by traditional shapes and patterns of architecture and objects in the local Souks. The collection comprises 7 objects that can be used as containers, hand-carved by local craftsmen in Beirut.

Each are named after an Arabic word: Nafas (Breath), Bahr (sea), Alb (heart), Ghouyoum (clouds), Amal (hope), Khayal (imagination), Jabal (mountains).

Bahr              | H 5 cm, L 16.5 cm, W 9.6 cm

Nafas            | H 16 cm, L 9 cm, W 9 cm

Ghouyoum | H 12 cm, L 12 cm, W 12 cm

Alb                 | H 9 cm, L 9.6 cm, W 9.6 cm

Amal             | H 9 cm, L 19.2 cm, W 9.6 cm

Khayal          | H 9 cm, L 34 cm, W 9.6 cm

Jabal             | H 5 cm, L 30 cm, W 9.6 cm

Materials | Stone

Date of Completion | January 2023

Artisans | Marm Group

Location | Beirut, Lebanon

Photos | T SAKHI

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