Coffee-table Collection


This collection is inspired by recuperating decomposed fragments and recomposing them into one solid whole. We gathered stone offcuts and metal aggregates from the surrounding local factories in Beirut then dispersed and scattered them on a wooden mold to create the shape as a canvas. Once laid, resin is poured and solidified with a propane heating torch to unite and cure the different materials into one rich texture with an uncontrolled pattern. When hardened, the resin slate is cut into a 3 cm thickness and carefully hand-crafted to chamfer the edges of 5 mm. The transparency in the material highlights the different layers of depths of the aggregates. It serves as the top of the table that rests on an oxidized bronze, brass or copper legs.

Galerie Gosserez
PAD Paris

6 - 10 April 2022 

Galerie Gosserez

11 -17 February 2022

Dimensions Coffee-Table | W 193 cm, L 145 cm, H 40 cm

Dimensions Side-Table | W 75 cm, L 75 cm, H 60 cm

Materials | Marble, Resin, Brass / Copper / Aluminum Powder, Bronze

Date of Conception | September 2020

Production | The Piecemakers, Marm Group

Photos | T SAKHI, Thierry Depagne

T SAKHI_Outline White.png