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Film in collaboration with Rémie Maksoud

"Reconciled Fragments" is an ethereal fusion between minerals and tides of resin, inviting the audience on a mystical journey where the boundaries between the natural and the crafted dissolve.


This 5th short-film is part of a film series collaborating with directors and musicians, to intersect the realms of architecture, cinema and music. They emerge from the sisters' passionate curiosity, as they seek to delve into the essence of every design they conceive, be it a physical space or an object, by weaving them into imaginative narratives. Their aim is to captivate the audience with immersive storytelling that transcends mere static visuals.

WATCH HERE full film on Vimeo.

Film | Rémie Maksoud

Cinematography | Tara Sakhi, Karl Noujaim

Sound | Walid Sarrouh

Music | Zimoun Mikroskopie 2.2

Editing | Rémie Maksoud

Coloring | Elias Nemer

Production | T SAKHI

Special Thanks | Bachar Khattar, The Piecemakers, Marm Group

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