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Stone Tables

Embedded within the very fabric of Lebanon, hidden treasures of stone ruins and archeological sites lie silently across Lebanon above and beneath the grounds, bearing witness to the country's rich cultural history. These ruins speak of a nation that has weathered several civilizations and numerous destructive wars, persistently rebuilding itself layer by layer, akin to the gradual formation of a majestic rock formation. In this context, the collection transports us back to the essence of construction, to the primal and fundamental elements of buildings pillars for foundations, layer by layer, strata by strata.

Imbued with an artisanal touch, the edges of each piece in this collection are meticulously hammered by hand by craftsmen in Verona Italy, resulting in a deliberately rough finish, and accentuates the impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail, further enhancing their artistic allure and ensuring the finest quality.

Weaving a tale of shared heritage and influence between both Mediterranean cultures; Lebanon where we come from and Italy where we live, this collection serve as a testament to their enduring connection 

Circular Breakfast Table | D 76 cm, H 76 cm

Circular Side Table | D 35 cm, H 40 cm

Oval Dining Table | L 240 cm, W 120 cm, H 76 cm

Materials | Breccia Pernice, Verde Portocervo

Craftsmen | Marsotto

Photos | Lorenzo Basadonna Scarpa

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