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We live in a world where our daily life is subjected to an overflow of information through mass media, urban scape and social environnement. Parasol is a “face mask”, our vital companion today, it not only covers our mouth and nose from contagion but our entire face, thus our ears and eyes with controlled splits to seclude ourselves whenever and however we want from the outer world to focus internally - a meditative practice of mindfulness.

Peter Marigold's "The Unboxing Show" is an invitation for the public to reconsider the value of a primary waste material from the consumer world: cardboard. Designers and artists have created plans to be made by the public who can then leave with a highly desirable object. The concept of the exhibition is to ask the public to meet the designers halfway, the designer submits the project, the public physically creates it, and by doing so invests the waste material with a new considered value.  

Dimensions | H 50 cm, D 60 cm

Materials | Cardboard

Date of Completion | September 2021

Production | Peter Marigold

Exhibitor | Peter Marigold's "The Unboxing Show" for London Design Festival

Location | 108 Lower, Stable St, London N1C 4DQ, UK

Photos | Peter Marigold

T SAKHI_Outline White.png