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O1NE Nightclub & Venue

The key element of the design is flexibility. The house for audience and the stages for performers are intertwined, allowing the space to take on different forms, and cater to various functions: a nightclub, a wedding venue, a musical, theatrical or concert hall, thus transforming the bunker-like architecture into a spectacle venue.


Movement revolves around an organic energy core: a central bar in the suggestive shape of male & female genitals, symbolizing sexuality & promiscuity. On either side of the central bar, multi-level platforms emphasize a natural topography and create diverse viewpoints for the spectators. By stimulating strong physical & visual interactions through its design, the nightclub is conceived to blur & even break the barriers between spectators, actors and performers, as well as hierarchal functions and societal status.

The end-result focuses on the notion of unity in diversity, inspiring a feeling of oneness and blend people to create “ONE” social space.

Client | Seventh Sky

Location | Biel Waterfront, Beirut Central District, Lebanon

Area | 1100 sqm

Date of Completion | December 2015

Team | Tessa Sakhi, Tara Sakhi, Aman Slim

General Contractor | Acec

Mechanical Engineer | Acec

Electrical Engineer | Acec

Lighting Consultant | Hiljo Stadt

Sound Engineer | Roger Bou Farhat

Architecture | Sari El Khazen

Photos | Ieva Saudargaite

T SAKHI_Outline White.png
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