Alcohol Flasks


“Nomads” is a collection of alcohol drinking flasks, a timeless iconic accessory that transcends an ever-evolving pattern of life. Its design is inspired by traditional shapes and offers different ways of consumption, a larger size to use as a carafe and a miniature size designed as a portable object. A universal accessory any culture can relate to – alcohol, it is a substance that disrupts the social mask imposed by social etiquettes, and reveals human emotions in its rawest forms. The pieces are unique and mouth-blown by local Venetian craftsmen in the lagoon of Murano in Italy.

Each of these flasks are named after a human virtue or emotion: 

ISRA – wisdom

DALIA – faith

KALLA - beauty

MAYRA - rebellion

HERA – vengeance

FREA – infidelity

Materials | Murano, Brass, Walnut Wood

Big Flask Dimensions | L 28 cm, H 28 cm, W 8 cm

Small Flask Dimensions | L 13 cm, H 13 cm, W 4 cm

Exhibitor | House of Today

Location | Yacht Club, Waterfront, Beirut, Lebanon

Murano Production | Laguna B

Brass & Wood Production | Boisseliers du Rif

Photos Products | Tessa Sakhi, Marco Pinarelli

Photos Process | Tommaso Cazzaro

T SAKHI_Outline White.png