Alcohol Flasks


Regardless of origins and cultural belongings, alcohol is a substance that disrupts the social mask imposed by social etiquettes, revealing the full spectrum of human emotions; emotions in its rawest form. Whether an idealistic realist, a cynical dreamer, or an introverted socializer, Nomad is portrayed as one’s relentless companion, each having a story to share.

Nomad is an alcohol flask; a timeless iconic accessory that transcends an ever-evolving pattern of life. Its design offers different ways of consumption, each reflecting a particular state of mind, from solitary moments to social gatherings.


The production process has been a marriage between the craftsmanship of brass in Beirut and murano in Venice. The flask highlights the strong duality of two Mediterranean heritages, and emphasizes on the complementarity and interdependency of the two entities.

Each of these flasks are named after a human virtue or emotion: 

ISRA – wisdom

DALIA – faith

KALLA - beauty

MAYRA - rebellion

HERA – vengeance

FREA – infidelity

Materials | Murano, Brass, Walnut Wood

Dimensions | 30 x 35 x 15 cm

Exhibitor | House of Today

Location | Yacht Club, Waterfront, Beirut, Lebanon

Murano Production | Laguna B

Brass & Wood Production | Boisseliers du Rif

Photos Products | Tessa Sakhi, Marco Pinarelli

Photos Process | Tommaso Cazzaro