T SAKHI x Beaverandbeaver 

Due to the technological era we live in and the social pattern caused by social media, we no longer are focused on physical social interactions rather on virtual ones. “Lost in Transition” is an urban object-space comprised of two chairs connected with an arch, which enforces a physical face-to-face interaction while the periphery stools focuses on a solitary moment for writing, reading or enjoying the surrounding. Blurring the boundaries between objects and spaces, the structure adapts to the ephemerality of spaces today through its versatility and enables numerous spatial configurations in various environments to create fleeting scenarios in a city.

Scenarios: The Hangout, The Eatery, The Library, The Disco, The Workspace, The Gallery

Collaborator | Beaverandbeaver @beaverandbeaver

Film | Ely Dagher @elydagher

Sound | Joh Dagher

Animation | Ely Dagher @elydagher and Jeanne Boukraa @jeanneboukraa

WATCH HERE entire film-animation on vimeo.

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 7.55.50 PM cop