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Letters From Beirut
Curated and designed
in partnership with
Irthi Contemporary Crafts Council

Organized by The European Cultural Center

during the Venice Architecture Biennale 2021

A wall of thought continuing the dialogue on the preservation of Lebanon's collective memory and cultural heritage through the voices of 2,000 Lebanese citizens.

Questioning the way we communicate today, the installation consists in a 6 m linear wall that acts as a surface for connections by engaging pedestrians to pick one pouch; inside they discover both, a personal message from a Beiruti survivor to whom they are encouraged to answer back to, as well as a seed - a universal symbol of rebirth - to plant, leaving a message of growth and hope.

Designed to raise charitable funds in support of various NGOs, post the 4th of August blast in Beirut. Below the donation links :


Supporting children’s education



Restoration and preservation of Beirut’s

architectural and cultural heritage



Rebuilding doors and windows for more than 80,000

destroyed homes after Beirut’s explosion


​​SALAM BEIRUT by The Big Heart Foundation

- Healthcare : Reconstructing and providing medical equipment in St George’s Hospital Emergency and Trauma Unit

- Safety and Protection: Developing and supporting mental and psychological health

- Livelihoods: Youth employment



In support of the cause, Irthi Contemporary Craft Council has donated 4,000 pouches handcrafted by 37 Emirati craftswomen, from the Bidwa Social Development Programme in Sharjah. The pouches are made from recycled and sustainable felt stitched in silver Zari thread and lined in linen. The process incorporates a weaving technique inspired by one of the traditional Emirati pattern inspired by the ‘Sayr Yaay’ technique. Read more on or @irthi


The papers used in the project are handmade papers by university students, Mariam Abdulkarim, Amal Al Hammadi, and Zainab Adel, as their graduation project. The materials used were recycled papers, water, acrylic colors, blender and wooden moulds. Read more on or


The seeds to plant are Coriander, Zucchini, and Green beans all edible plants used in Lebanese cuisine.


Tessa and Tara Sakhi, Aisha Al Harmoodi, Abir El Zahr, Alya Al Midfa, Amal Al Hammadi, Bala Ochangco, Farah Nasri, Mariam Abdulkarim, Marwa Al Nuaimi, Mariam Zaid, Rajesh Unnikrishnan, Zainab Almri, Lorenzo Basadonna Scarpa, Hady El Hajj, Aisha Aldhuhoori, Aishah Alyammahi, Alyaa Aldhuhoori, Amnah Gholam, Awatef Alshemeili, Fatima Alturki, Fatima Alnuaimi, Haleema Laskani, Huda Ahmed, Huda Hassan, Jawaher Aldhanhani, Juwaireya Habib, Khadija Aldhuhoori, Khadija Alnuaimi, Khadija Aldhanhani, Kholoud Alyammahi, Maaraj Yamani, Mahboob Unnisa, Malath Alsereidi, Mariam Alyammahi, Marwa Aldhuhoori, Maryam Gholam, Mounira Aldhuhoori, Mozah Alsereidi, Rasheeda Ellahi, Raya Alnaqbi, Rehab Fathi, Reyhana Meer, Roqayyah Alhefeiti, Safeya Qadir, Sameera Osman, Shahda Beer, Shaima Ellahi, Shaima Aldhuhoori, Shazadibegum Mohamed, Wafaa Alyammahi, Yasmeen.


Giardini della Marinaressa

Venice, Italy

22nd May - 21st of November 2021

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