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Short-film in collaboration with Cyril Aris

The story takes a dive in the mind of a woman losing the shield she wears in her day-to-day life. Within the confines of a space she finds herself locked in, she connects with herself and the elements around her - textures, colors, light - unencumbered by human constructs and imposed upon her by society.


This 1st short-film is part of a film series collaborating with directors and musicians, to intersect the realms of architecture, cinema and music. They emerge from the sisters' passionate curiosity, as they seek to delve into the essence of every design they conceive, be it a physical space or an object, by weaving them into imaginative narratives. Their aim is to captivate the audience with immersive storytelling that transcends mere static visuals.

WATCH HERE full film on Vimeo.

Director & Editor | Cyril Aris

Interior Design & Art Direction | T SAKHI

Location | SAX Jazz Bar, Beirut Lebanon by T SAKHI

Writers | Cyril Aris, Tara Sakhi

Cast | Lisa Debs

Cinematographer | Joe Saade

Musician | Mme Chandelier

Fashion Designer | Second St.

Producer | T SAKHI

Key Grip | Rawad Hmaymess

Gaffer | Mizyed Azrai

DIT | Mario Saade

Assistant Art Direction | Farah Naboulsi

Production Assistant | Sayed Youssef

Humming Vocals | Julia Sabra

Colorist | Belal Hibri, Lucid Post

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