Coffee-table Collection


This collection is inspired by the lagoons and cenotes in the state of Quintana Roo in Mexico: the movement of the tide and the change in topography reveal different materials shaping the intersection of earth and water. "Following the Tide" is an explosion erupted from the circular nucleus, dispersed into crushed Forest Green marble and aggregates of recuperated brass. It is composed in a pigmented resin on an oxidized bronze base.

Dimensions Coffee-Table | W 193 cm, L 145 cm, H 40 cm

Dimensions Side-Table | W 75 cm, L 75 cm, H 60 cm

Materials | Forest Green Marble, Resin, Recuperated Brass Powder

Date of Completion | September 2019

Production | The Piecemakers, Marm Group

Photos | Tara Sakhi, Tessa Sakhi