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DECKS on the BEACH Transportable Disco Bar

This landmark by the sea acquires an additional layer on Friday nights: an ephemeral structure, mountable in a few hours and transformed into an open-air summer nightclub. Three main structures organize the space: the DJ booth, the dance floor and the 12 meters bar facing the sea.

Translucent panels with thin slits longs the entire entrance and creates little niches for intimate moments. The visitors walk around the DJ booth’s curved panels to discover the beating heart of the space: the central floating ring, a playing light structure connected to the music’s pulse. It is in dialogue with the ferris wheel in the surrounding background. The space focuses on the notion of unity in diversity, inspiring a feeling of oneness blending people to create “one” social space.

WATCH SHORT-FILM in collaboration with director Mounia Akl.

Client | Alternite

Location | Sporting Club Beach, Raouche, Beirut, Lebanon

Area | 800 sqm

Date of Completion | May 2018

Team | Tessa Sakhi, Tara Sakhi, Aman Slim, Elie Harb

General Contractor | Joe Habchy

Electrical Engineer | Ziad Yazbeck

Lighting Consultant | Camille Madi, Georges Rouhana

Sound Engineer | Woody Nawfal

Bar & Stool Design | Marc Baroud

Photos | Tony Elieh

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