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"Letters from Beirut"

Based in Beirut and Venice, Lebanese-Polish sisters Tessa and Tara Sakhi co-founded in 2016, T SAKHI, a multidisciplinary architecture and design studio.

In an increasingly fast paced world, the sister architects place human interaction at the core of their practice, and question our contemporary understandings of identity and living. They design both permanent and ephemeral spaces & objects, drawing from the emotional and physical experiences by incorporating senses and memory.

From conservational heritage residences, to modernized traditional restaurants, portable nightclubs, readapted urban designs, or satiric dining installations, their synergetic projects are diverse, playful and interactive. They range from small-scale architecture, public and urban installations, commercial and residential design, collectible objects, scenography and film. In the latter, a variety of creatives are invited to explore their designs, creating narratives for spaces, cinematography, fashion and music, blurring reality and fiction.


Despite their versatile talents and contrasting affinities, the sisters combine their duality to create a hybrid occidental-oriental inspiration, and collaborate with creatives and artists from diverse cultures, provoking an exchange and dialogue to reach craftsmanship and innovation.

Their work has been exhibited in Beirut, Paris, Milan, Dubai and Venice, and donated to several NGO's in Beirut, London and Paris supporting scholarships for architecture and design students, fund reliefs for Beirut's reconstruction, reforestation and sexual health awareness. They have participated in lectures and workshops in Dubai, Sharjah, London, Sydney and China. Their projects have been nominated for awards in China, Milan and Berlin, and have been highly published worldwide in magazines and online platforms.

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